Groom & Mom

Almost every aspect of a wedding centers around the bride… but what about the groom? Welllllll, his big debut is twirling around his new bride followed closely by twirling around his mother on the dance floor. Trust me when I say that for most fellas this mother-son soiree is awkward. It is awkward because, not only do they hate dancing, but because the song choices are atrocious.  I don’t know if you’ve Googled mother son songs lately, but good lord someone help us!

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Not only are the songs old, but the lyrics also drone on and on about baby boys with scraped knees turning into grown handsome men. While the sentiment is adorable, the vocals and composition fall devastatingly short. To help our grooms, we have compiled a list of 10 non-traditional mother son songs for your big day. Hopefully, these help make it (slightly) less awkward because lets face it, even if the songs rock you still hate to dance!


  1. Simple Man- Lynard Skynard
  2. What a wonderful world- Louis Armstrong
  3. I hope you dance- LeAnn Womack
  4. Because you loved me- Celine Dion
  5. Child of Mine- Turley Richards
  6. Up and over the mountain- Iron & Wine
  7. I’ll be there- Mac Miller
  8. A song for mama- Boyz II Mend
  9. I turn to you- Christina Aguilera
  10. Never Alone- Lady Antebellum
  11. He gets that from me- Reba
  12. Arms wide open- Creed
  13. Don’t blink- Kenney Chesney


What song are you going to choose?  Let us know ……


Robin Rager, Associate Planner                                                                                                             Elegant Whims


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