Wedding Dress Dilemma

Every little girl dreams of what her wedding dress will look like,adorable

but very few consider what size it will be. In an America where the average size is no longer a 6 and is now closer to a 16, many shops are growing to accommodate the “curvy” customers yet bridal stores seem to have fallen behind the times.



When I knew I had to start looking for bridal gowns I was terrified of not being able to fit in a gown. I knew I wanted to see with my own eyes what the dress would look like and not have to “imagine” it in my size. I don’t know if you have tried to imagine what something will look like 10 times bigger and fitted to your curves, but it is impossible! Trying to squeeze into this tiny bit of fabric that doesn’t budge when you try and tug it over your hips feels like defeat. You feel fat and upset when you are supposed to feel radiant.



In order to avoid this overall feeling of despair, I researched bridal shops that catered to different sized women. Luckily, I found out one of the VERY few plus size bridal shops in the U.S was located right here in the Reading Bridal District. Belle Bridal carries every size dress in store from 0-33. Walking in to the store, you are welcomed and offered champagne. Beautiful dresses line the walls as consultants flit around helping brides find their perfect dress. There is a dress in every shape, size, and budget to meet a girl’s needs.



I myself found my big day gown at Belle Bridal and never once did I feel ugly, fat, or defeated. Their staff made me feel like a beauty queen as they helped me into various dresses as I searched for “the one”. So, if you are looking for top notch customer service and don’t fit in a runway sized dress then Belle Bridal is the shop for you!

( This is not a photo of Belle Bridal Shop)


Happy Gown Shopping……..


Robin Rager, Associate Planner                    Elegant Whims



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