Confessions of a Wedding Planner Intern

Confessions of a Wedding Planner Intern

What I learned while hiding in the shadows of your wedding. 
Happy Wednesday Everyone!
This is a very special edition of “Tips & Trends from Elegant Whims”
Melinda and I want to take this opportunity to Thank our summer interns, Meredith and Caitlyn for their help.  Caitlyn, a student at Ohio University has headed back for her senior year.  Graduating  Spring 2016 with a degree in  Communications. We wish her all the best and the door to Elegant Whims is always open!
DSC_1344-2-129 copy (1)
Meredith a student a NKU will be with us for a few more years until she graduates.   She has taken over writing our Blog. Can I just say this has been an enormous help!   Melinda and I have been brought into the 21st Century, introducing us to Instagram, and a You Tube channel.  ( I learned it is called a Channel and not a Station)
In this Blog she is relating what she has learned from us, but this has been a two way street.
Patti & Melinda

What I learned while hiding in the shadows of your wedding. 

Around late April this year it occurred to me that I may want to pursue something other than Stage Management just to make sure that I was in the right field.

Since Wedding Planning has many of the same elements as Stage Management (or so Google told me), I sent my resume to several different companies in the Cincinnati area to see if any were hiring.

Elegant Whims met me by accident while I was speaking with another planner. Two days later they called me asking if I would be interested in taking a position. Even though it was unpaid, I’ve never been happier with my decision to be on their team.

Patti and Melinda immediately took me under their patient and guiding wings. Using humor and sharp observation skills – they showed me the ins and outs of the wedding world.

Since May, I’ve helped with over 5 weddings, each with different challenges and obstacles that I witnessed being smoothed over. While I followed Patti and Melinda around like a puppy I was able to pick up on a few things:

1.) Wedding Planning isn’t about the wedding 

It’s about the memories of the wedding. Planners essentially make sure that all of the Bride’s memories from that day are good ones. It’s our job to make sure that she doesn’t know that the groomsmen were almost late for pictures. Or that the florist didn’t label the corsages. Or that the caterers set up the tables with the wrong amount of chairs at each one. This is wedding planning. This is what we do.


2.) Humor can get you through anything 

I’ve always been a firm believer of this, but Patti and Melinda are experts. No matter how stressful, no matter how difficult, there is always something to laugh about. If all else fails, shrug and say “Ooookay.” then smile do your best to fix whatever situation as at hand.

PottingerPhoto-3664          unnamed (2)

3.) Save your comments for the car.

Not everything goes our way, and that’s fine. It’s part of the job. Never let it show. Besides – it makes the ride home much more interesting, while enjoy a Coke Zero.

ride home

4.) Sometimes people ask you what to do and you have to make it up. 

The day I got the Elegant Whims badge was the day people started asking me what to do. Apparently having and badge and a timeline makes you qualified to answer questions. Who knew. I’ve told so many people where to put chairs and or where to park their cars. The first time it happened I hunted down Melinda and asked if my answer was correct. Melinda laughed and said thats why I was there. I have since embraced my new power.


5.) It’s not eves dropping if you’re helping people.

over half of my job consisted of hearing grievances and reporting back to Patti and Melinda, or just taking care of it myself. Guests saying they couldn’t find their seat, or a vendor wondering if they got a meal, or maybe a child begging his mom for cake and mom not knowing when that was happening. I had answers for all of those things (the badge again) so why not make them known? Some would call it eves dropping, I call it volunteering my services.

Needless to say, I’ve loved my summer with Elegant Whims.

I can’t wait to see what more I’ll be a part of this coming fall.

Until next week,
Meredith Russell
Elegant Whims Intern

Top Ten Ways Pinterest Has Dominated the Wedding World

Because you should be able to tell the difference between your boss’s daughter’s wedding photos and your own.

In the past two years we have seen Pinterest dominate our Bride’s Wedding Vision.   While we enjoy offering a “Secret Board” for our Brides, we also offer design tips on putting a spin on their ideas, so their Wedding reflects the couple’s personalities.      Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t walk into Dillard’s and buy the same outfit your friend just bought because you loved it.   You would look around and find the style and color that fits You.

This is a humorous look at how Pinterest influences our lives.    Thank you Meredith for this fun look into Pinterest.


Patti & Melinda

Pottinger Photography

Pottinger Photography


Elegant Whim’s Top Ten Ways Pinterest Has Dominated the Wedding World.

1)  Mason Jars

Anywhere. Seriously. There is other glassware available. Unless you are actually using it for canning purposes, look at other options before using these. We’re not saying you can’t find a unique way of incorporating them – but it will be have to be incredibly creative at this point.

* Planners Note:  Visit your local thrift stores or charter stores, ( Goodwill etc.)  you purchase all types of unique glassware to use as vases.  It doesn’t have to be a vase, to be used as a vase.

Replace mirror  with a circle of burlap  instead of a table runner.                                       Fay the edges and you have your own take on a pinterest pin.                        Replace several of the flowers with baby's breath

Replace mirror  with a circle of burlap  instead of a table runner.                                       Fay the edges and you have your own take on a pinterest pin.                        Replace several of the flowers with baby’s breath

mason jars


2.) Chalkboard signs. Any kind.

Chalkboard art can be a beautiful way to include a talented cousin or sibling, but white curly cue writing does not art make.

seat sign   Have the seating chart printed seating chart 2

and framed in distressed wood

3.) Twinkly lights

Lighting is a huge part of the reception. Unfortunately, regular icicle lights are everywhere. There are other soft lighting options out there with different ways of hanging them, etc. Do a little digging.  Here are a couple.

wedding-reception-lighting-photo                      lighting2

4.) Outdoor weddings

In the pictures it looks like a fairy tale. In reality it’s sticky, buggy, hot, dirty, and it might rain. Food for thought.


5.) Gold Glitter.

Ladies. Please. It gets everywhere. There are other things that sparkle



  Instead, use a scented body   glimmer powder that will give you a   subtle glimmer and lovely fragrance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Instead, use a scented body  glimmer powder that will give you a   subtle glimmer and lovely fragrance.

6.) Wood

It’s a natural resource, it’s durable, and you can do anything with it. That doesn’t mean you should do EVERYTHING with it.

wood imagesrusticWeddingCake

7.) Burlap

If you have a fresh (and we mean fresh) take on it, by all means go for it. Otherwise, we’re ok with never seeing another burlap table runner for as long as we live.

8.) Date idea/ marriage advice guest book

Usually on popsicle sticks that go in mason jars. Your wedding is not the only one that your guests will have to attend this year – give them a break from trying to think too hard. Most of them just want to wish you well anyway. Your single friends will especially thank you.

* Planners Note:  Choose something you can use as decor in your new home. That way it will be a reminder of everyone that shared your Special Day and not collecting dust on a shelf or worse yet, tossed out when you move.

9.) Candles

They’re beautiful. Who’s going to light them/get rid of them when they burn out?   Other options, test the candles before you buy them in bulk.   This way you will know if they will last the 6-8 hours needed for the reception time.   What time of day is your reception, chances are if it is in the summer, it doesn’t get dark until 9 or after.   Use the battery operated ones,they have a great life span.

10.) Tin buckets/watering cans as vases and/or drink coolers.

Real vases really aren’t that bad, and actual coolers work better. If you are going to go for the tin though, at least decorate them. Just not with burlap.

* Planners note;  At my son and daughter in law’s rehearsal dinner, I used a large cooler, draped it with  white satin and lined with white clean plastic.   Filled it with Ice, added a scoop.    It worked great and the ice did not melt.  Unfortunately, I was having such a great time, I forgot to take any photos.


All of these things can be done in a unique way. Take some time to really think about who you and your fiancé are, and how you can make even the smallest details your own. Remember that people are coming to celebrate your matrimony, not your pinterest board.



Elegant Whims Intern



Pinterest……. Good OR Evil

It is Blog Wednesday at Elegant Whims, pour yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine and enjoy!

   Chapter 1 ….  A look into a Bride’s Pinterest Boards.    Stop in next week for Chapter 2,

Thank you Meredith !


Patti & Melinda


So you have lots of awesome ideas for your wedding. 

You have a Pinterest board full of great ideas that you can’t wait to start working on.

Suddenly your phone buzzes. It’s your sister. She saw your latest pin, and her boyfriend’s sister’s friend made one just like it, and she’s sure that the boyfriend’s sister’s friend wouldn’t mind making more for a small fee.

Jelly favors    Aisle decor rustic

Wait, now your aunt just emailed you about five different pins (that you added months ago in the early stages of planning) and she’s telling you exactly how much each one will cost according to her local high-end craft store. She wants to make them all for you, and then bring them with her. On the day of the wedding. When she flies in from New Jersey.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a tip from Elegant Whims:

Make your wedding Pinterest board a secret one. Only allow the people you want to see it, see it. This way, no one is making suggestions they shouldn’t be making, and being helpful in ways that aren’t helpful.

Now that you have your own space that you can create with, here is what we suggest:

1.) Start with your venue.

You can’t create an atmosphere without a space.

2.) Decide on a color scheme.

Keep it original, and keep it under 4 colors.

3.) Use Pinterest as a tool, not a Bible.

Don’t just duplicate something just to duplicate it. Take an idea and let it spark your creativity to make it your own. Put your own twist on them, and who knows? You may end up creating the latest Pinterest Wedding Trend!

Want to know what the Top Ten Overdone Pinterest Wedding Ideas?  Check back next Wednesday, so your Wedding Photos won’t look like everyone on your Photographers Gallery.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Meredith Meredith

Elegant Whims Assistant

How “Dirty Helen Paper Company”, got its name.

Today’s Blog is the story behind the name of a fantastic Stationary/Paper company in Cincinnati, OH.

Father and Daughter, Tim Ruwe and Ashley Bauer own and operate , Dirty Helen Paper Company.  We often refer our clients to them and the first question we are asked is, “Dirty Helen Paper Company, Really?

We tell them a short version of how the name came about.  Here is the longer version of this awesome story.

The article below was printed in the Shepherd Express, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin written by Matthew J. Prigge (

It is very a enlightening story, one the family loves to share.

We hope you enjoy it and remember, Dirty Helen Paper Co for all your Wedding and Event Stationary needs.

The Dirtiest Mouth in Milwaukee: The Legend of Dirty Helen

By Matthew J. Prigge

Jul. 6, 2015

dirty helen

An ad for Dirty Helen. Helen changed her last name from Cromell to “Cromwell” for use in print. She said it was easier for people to say.

“Milwaukee in the late 1920s was a town of unblushing, brawny vice rammed through with scents of European cooking, cheap perfume, and workers’ sweat… the city’s gentry tried to mislead themselves into thinking of Milwaukee as fragile and culturally dainty, but it was as strong as an American buffalo.”

– from Dirty Helen, By Helen Cromell


“Dirty Helen” Cromell, who could out-swear any man in Milwaukee.

Photo courtesy of Dirty Helen Paper Co.

“Dirty Helen” Cromell was a legend of the Milwaukee nightlife, known to have the dirtiest mouth in town. Helen ran the barebones Sunflower Inn (1806 West St. Paul Street) for over thirty years, a favorite stop for traveling salesmen, politicians, athletes and the occasionally celebrity, including Gloria Swanson and Liberace. The Sunflower was a 20’ x 25’ room with a potbellied stove, a bar, and little else. There were no chairs or stools, and customers were expected to stand or sit on the floor. The ornamentation consisted of a huge nude oil painting behind the bar – Helen liked to tell visitors it was her, from back when she was “hustling in the Yukon.” Helen served only bourbon or scotch and mixed them only with water. A request for a cocktail inspired a tirade of filth from the hostess, but if Helen liked you – and she liked a lot of people – she’d afterward call you a “good sport” and pour you a drink on the house.

An ad for Dirty Helen. Helen changed her last name from Cromell to “Cromwell” for use in print. She said it was easier for people to say.

It was her time in Milwaukee that made Helen famous. In her raucous self-titled memoir, she tells her life story with wit, sass, and no shortage of dirty passages. Only the last 70 pages of the book cover her time in Milwaukee, but the place she presents is unlike any other published accounting of the city (well, except for maybe this one). Her story starts in ruralIndiana, where she was born in 1886. She falls in love with a boy whom her father hates, learns about sex from an older cousin (“there were no flies on her fast ass,” Helen writes), marries the boy, gets disowned, and ends up an unhappy housewife in Cincinnati. Pregnant with her second child, she learns her husband has been carrying on with a prominent Cincy madam. Taunted by the other woman over the telephone, Helen goes to her apartment, claws her face raw, and throws her head-first down a flight of stairs. In her rage, she learns that can make her own way and doesn’t need to play anyone’s fool. She starts turning tricks and sees the world. She operates in Arizona, Chicago, and San Francisco. Some of her clients fall in love with her and lavish her with gifts and cash. She falls in love herself here and there – enough for a half-dozen marriages – but her love stories always have tragic endings: heartbreaks, suicides, and loneliness. Helen writes of knowing gangsters in Chicago. She says that Al Capone had her turn around one of his low-end whorehouses. It was her job to watch the door and keep track of the cash. The men were to pay her $1.20 a turn, a buck for the girl, ten cents for the guard outside the house, and another dime “for the towel.” If you lose track of how much money you should have, Capone tells her, just count the towels.

In Superior, Wisconsin, Helen has a much more dignified role as madam of the area’s finest brothel. She makes good cash, but is driven away from the business when her latest love is pinched on a dope smuggling charge and hangs himself in his jail cell. She is heading back toChicago on the train, when she meets a salesman from Milwaukee. He says that the city might be a good fit for her. With nothing of particular importance waiting for her in Chicago, she agrees to give Milwaukee a look. She would stay there for the next 43 years.


Helen’s Sunflower Inn, 1806 West St. Paul Avenue.

Image courtesy of Dirty Helen Paper Co.

Helen made haste in Milwaukee. She bought an old dump of a speakeasy and went back to tricking to earn the cash to fix it up. She was 40 years old by the time she hit the city’s downtown red light scene but claimed to have been the area’s most popular working girl. Her fiery red hair, sleek dress, and ample figure – she sometimes said that her chest was so large, she had to wear a cast iron bra – earned her as many as 25 clients a night. Soon, her Sunflower Inn – so named for the sunflowers that grew in its front yard – was one of the top speakeasies in town. After Prohibition ended, it became the little hole in the wall that everyone in town knew about and everyone stopping here wanted to see. The stories of her foul mouth became so legendary that she learned to perform on command. An exchange between her and her piano player – he’d get drunk and she’d pound the bartop with a cudgel, threatening to crack him a good one if he didn’t clean up his act – became a regular routine. But for a woman who had never been able to stay in one place very long, Helen seemed to get as much from Milwaukee as it did from her.

Helen made a lot of money in her various trades, but it always went fast. In Milwaukee, she had a soft spot for Marquette kids down on their luck. She couldn’t even remember how many tuition bills she paid, hating to see a kid quit school just because he couldn’t get the money. One of these cases was, according to Helen, a young man named Joseph McCarthy. She even claimed to have convinced him to drop out of the engineering program and study law.

By the late 1950s, it seemed that Helen’s luck in Milwaukee was running out. She had money problems and lost the bar (she claimed to have been swindled in a bad loan deal), leaving her with nothing more from the Sunflower than the big nude painting. Dirty Helen only covers her life up until about 1961. She downplays her troubles, but newspaper accounts from the same era depict a slow and sad decline for the woman whose company everyone in town once fancied. She owed thousands in back taxes, leading the government to cut off her monthly social security payments. The year after she lost the bar, some friends threw a benefit party for her. A newspaper article on the bash mentioned she’d had to sell some of her hats – she was always known for her lavish hats – just to get food money. Shortly after, she met up with Robert Dougherty, an old writer friend of hers, to write her memoir. By 1965, the project was completed and a publishing deal had been secured. Her half of the advance was $250. “Oh Hell,” she told a friend. “That’ll last about twenty minutes.”


A photo of Helen from shortly before her death.

Milwaukee Sentinel, May 22, 1969

Health problems forced Helen into a series of public hospitals and nursing homes through the late 1960s. Her money was long gone, and the support she’d gotten from friends had dwindled to nearly nothing. She died on May 21, 1969 at the age of 83. The woman who once helped out Al Capone, who made a fortune selling her companionship, and who cursed out bank presidents and sailors alike, had little to show for it all in the end. But as the newspaper eulogies the next day proved, she still had her reputation. An anecdote near the end of her book, after she lost her bar, has her at a train station in Chicago, trying to catch a ride back to Milwaukee. She’s running late and the train has pulled away without her, but the conductor recognizes her as she stands on the platform. He knows the face, the red hair, the figure. He’s been to her place and enjoyed her stories. The man stops the train, and backs it up. “How ya doing, Helen?” He asks her. “Fine, Louie, fine,” she says. “You gettin’ any?” He helps her aboard and directs her to the bar car. The train then chugs back to life and takes her home.


We hope you enjoyed a look into one of our local vendors history and how they got their name.


Patti & Melinda

Pottinger Photography

Pottinger Photography

Hair & Make-Up Tips for your Wedding Day

It’s Wednesday at the Elegant Whims Pink Room Office.  Around here we know that means it is Blog posting Day.  We hope you are starting your Wednesday with a cupa tea or java and, “Tips & Trends from Elegant Whims”!

Meredith has given you a great blog article to enjoy this morning.  Be sure to share it with your friends and co-workers.


Patti & Melinda



This week my Blog subject is Wedding Day Hair & Make-up.  I knew exactly who to go to for expert advice, hope you enjoy!
Recently, I sat down with my friend Brittany, a talented Hair and Makeup Artist, to discuss the newest trends in wedding hair & makeup. ……

Brittany is a recent Northern Kentucky University grad who worked on countless stage productions as the makeup designer, wig master, you name it.  In addition to her stage work she had done the make-up for many wedding parties and proms.  Her theater background has given her the opportunity to work with several techniques and tools, giving her clients the look they are seeking . make up artist


For weddings, what kind of makeup do you get asked for most often?

 Mostly just the Glam makeup. People want to look their best, natural, beautiful selves for their wedding day. Glam has a wide spectrum, from just your normal everyday makeup with a little foundation, a little eyeliner, to the model airbrushed look with the crazy vivid eyes – it just depends on what the look they are going for honestly – but both of those, and anything in between are all considered “glam” makeup.

We’ve had a few brides talk about airbrushing. Can you tell me more about that?

 Well, whenever I’ve done airbrushing, it’s for a special effect. I’ve used airbrushing to make people different shades of blue, purple, and green – which isn’t usually typical for a wedding! But you can buy airbrushes at most any beauty supply store and the foundation that goes with it – I know some people that use that as their every day makeup.

Is the airbrushing hard to get off at the end of the day?

 Not at all – depending on how much you’ve put on, you may have to scrub a little harder than usual, but warm soap and water will take it right off. Now, for special effect makeup – not so much, that stuff’ll stain!

What are some benefits to using airbrushing?

Well, once you’ve sealed it, it won’t sweat off. We use it for the stage, so sweat and stage lights don’t bother it once it’s sealed, and same thing for regular foundation. Once it’s sealed, it won’t come off until you want it too. However, it can get a little expensive. If you find a makeup artist that has an airbrush there may just be a slight uncharge, but if you’re going to buy it yourself and have the makeup artist use it – then you’ll be out a little more cash.

What are your favorite products to use for weddings?

I use a lot of Cover Girl – that sounds so like cheesy but its good stuff! Maybelline is also good, and the Kate Winslet line of lip color is good too. I try to use stuff that isn’t super pricey but gets the job done.

What do you get asked to do the most?

Actually – I get asked to recreate my own eye shadow color a lot! I put it on top of my black eyeliner, and somehow the colors mix to make this coppery color, so I’ve had to do my own makeup on other people several times.

But then there’s the “usual” request, winged eyeliner, or cat eyeliner. But everybody’s different. Everybody wants something a little different.

eye make up

What are some new trends that you see coming up?

 One thing I’ve seen more and more is each person in the bridal party picks a different color, and that’s their color. So they each have a different eye shadow color, or even different lip colors.

Any tips? 

If you don’t want to mess with false eyelashes, but still want the volume and length that it gives you, buy two different brands of mascara. Put one on, let it dry and then apply the second. I don’t know what it is, but something about the chemical balance makes the second mascara bond to the first, and make your lashes super long. Which doesn’t happen if you try just do two applications of the same mascara.


What about Hair? 

Hair is an ever rotating thing. Hair up,  hair down, hair up, hair down. Right now I’m doing a lot of hair down.

A lot of times people want “natural” look – but it’s not actually natural. So they’ll want “natural waves” but also want extensions.

Any major trends with hair right now? 

Braids. All kinds of braids! And same thing with the every bridesmaid having a color, sometimes each bridesmaid will have one thing that they have to incorporate in their hair someway – like a braid, or a clip – but the rest is up to them individually.


And finally – what’s some of the weirdest stuff you’ve been asked to do? 

Well, this wasn’t a wedding, but I got asked to ombre a girls hair all different pastels, and then french braid her hair on one side so that it was like a color waterfall on the other side. That was just a style for her to wear everyday. It was pretty cool!

As far as weddings, I’ve had to cover a few tattoos, and taken out a few piercings – but nothing super crazy.

If you would like information about how to contact Brittany, please visit our website  and click on the Contact button.


Meredith Russell

Elegant Whims Intern


Rent your Bridesmaids Dresses

I recently spoke with a young lady that had her Bridesmaids “rent” their dresses.  I thought that was a lovely option for the Bride to offer her Friends and Family members, whom she had asked to be a part of her Wedding Party.    I also thought it would make an interesting Blog.   Meredith did not let us down.   Enjoy her blog on an interesting subject.


Patti & Melinda

Pottinger Photography

Pottinger Photography

“You know what the best part is? You can always shorten it and wear it again!”


Every bridesmaid has heard this line. Scratch that. Every woman has heard that line. 27 Dresses shed light on what it’s like to be a bridesmaid over and over again. The prepping, the helping, handing out place cards, the making sure the bride isn’t freaking out, and most importantly – the terrible god-awful bridesmaid dresses.


You might give yourself to your best friend and pledge your love and life to them on the wedding day. We bridesmaids commit ourselves to a life long relationship with a dress that we will most likely never wear again.


However, in recent years, thanks to 27 Dresses, and in all honesty just better wedding fashion in general, bridesmaid dresses are not all that bad. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, unique, and breathtaking – making the dress choices for bridesmaids better than what your mom had to wear.

Cedar Grove Photography

Cedar Grove Photography

Thanks, fashion world.

Another bridesmaid dress component that brides take into consideration is price. Obviously you don’t want your bridesmaids to have to shell out hundreds of dollars for these dresses. With this in mind, there are several companies that are offering bridesmaid dress rentals. This allows the bride to get designer dresses for a fraction of the cost, the bridal party doesn’t have to hang on to the dress forever, everyone wins!

Bridesmaid Dress rentals:

Rent the Runway ( This site offers many options of designer gowns. They are not traditional Bridal Shop type of bridesmaid dresses, but if you are looking for unique designer dresses – this is the way to go. The site offers tons of costumer reviews with pictures, along with clear instructions on ordering and returning.

Average Price Range: $50 – $100.

Vow to be Chic (

This site offers a fit guarantee with more of the traditional bridesmaid dress selection (same dress, different neckline, same style different color, etc.). These dresses aren’t as red carpet worthy as Rent the Runway, but for the sweet and simple bridal party look – Vow to be Chic has you covered.

Average Price Range: $100

Weddington Way (

Pinterest meets Dropbox meets Boutique. This site allows a bride to create a group (her wedding party) in which everyone puts in their favorite dresses, and decides on what would look good on everyone, the color, etc. Then send in the measurements, and the dresses are shipped directly to you! Great for bridal parties that don’t all live in the same area, or just to get the idea ball rolling.

Average Price Range: $125 – $150

These were the top rental companies online, but what if renting just isn’t your thing? Some bridesmaids actually like buying their dresses for the sentimental value, and as I’ve said, with the better wedding fashion that’s around, the prospect of wearing the dress again is greater than it used to be. Want to buy the dresses but still don’t want to break the bank? ModCloth and Etsy have many options for that. ModCloth does have more of the short dress variety, but Etsy has just about anything in any style that you want – with many custom made options.

ModCloth Price Range: Anywhere from $20 – $200

Etsy Price Range: Vaires, but many around the $100 mark.

Our wonderful friends at The Knot also compiled a list of bridesmaid dresses under $100 that you can purchase online. (


So what to take from this?

As with every decision for a wedding, the buzzword is: options.    Oh so many options. In the end it depends on the look you want for your wedding party, and the budget of your bridesmaids.

So pick the colors, consult your bridesmaids, and let the narrowing of options begin!


Meredith Russell

Elegant Whims Intern

Father of the Bride ~ Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrate Father’s Day this week end, and in honor of Father’s we have a special blog post just for them.  The Father of the Bride isn’t mentioned often in Wedding Planning.  But, their importance shines through on the Wedding Day.  It is on that day, their little girl looks to their strength they have know their entire life, when they take his arm to be walked down the aisle to the Man she will begin the next chapter in her life with.

At a recent Wedding, Elegant Whims Intern, Meredith was inspired by the “Father of the Bride” to write a blog all about this very important person.

Enjoy this post……..

Thank You Meredith


Patti & Melinda


Fathers of the Bride, in my experience, are always the most emotional at weddings. Their job is to give their precious baby girl away to another man. While they are happy for their daughter, and want what is best for them, it is the day that every father dreads. To prolong their agony, there is also the traditions at the reception that they have to slug through. The Father/Daughter dance (which my own father as firmly told me must be an upbeat song unless I want to dance with a puddle), and of course, the toast.

Some dads are all about the toast. They are natural speakers, and it’s a great outlet for them to be a part of the wedding and it gives them a sense of closure for the whole wedding process.

Some dads, however, are not natural speakers, and that’s just fine! It’s a lot of pressure to get up in front of loved ones and try to make a solid toast. How funny should it be? You want it to be heartfelt, but you don’t want to break down anymore than you already have, so how heartfelt should you go? Do you mention that your daughter once had a wedding staged in the living room with all of her stuffed animals? Is that antidote better or worse than the one where you and she cried together when she made you watch The Notebook? Should you mention that you hated the groom’s guts when you first met him? All of the questions heighten the pressure that dad can feel when preparing his speech.

The most important thing is to make sure that the Father of the Bride has actually prepared a speech. Some dads can pull off an impromptu speech – but why risk it?

Here are some tips on the Dos and Don’ts of a Father of the Bride speech.

 McGlosson_329 Father of The Bride Speech | The Ultimate Guide | Team Wedding Blog

Traditionally, the bride’s father speaks first. Our guide to the perfect father of the bride speech is chock full of great advice and ideas.

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Happy Father’s Day!


Meredith Russell

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Fun at Weddings for All Ages

Weddings are ridiculous amounts of fun. From the tear inducing ceremony, to the food, the booze, the dancing, the toasts, to the photos, to the more booze, which leads to more dancing – if you’re having a bad time at a wedding, you’re doing it wrong. Think of it as the better prom. Crying in the bathroom because he just broke up with you is not an option.

With all of this grownup fun it can be easy to forget another aspect of fun at a wedding: The Kids.

children at wedding Childrenn at Wedding

Looking over your guest list you’ll most likely find that you have more than a few kids age 10 and under (This age group is our target – any older and they’ll want to pretend they’re adults, let them be). These guests are just as important as your adult ones – so make sure they have something that they’ll fondly remember, just like the adults!

In this list by Buzzfeed, we see several great ideas.

Keep in mind the age range of the children attending. Toddlers will not understand how to play corn hole(#12), nor will they really know how to read(#23). However, they can crayon anything all day long(#1-3, #6), and adorn themselves and anyone else who is even halfway willing, with glow-in-the-dark necklaces(#25).

Side note: Corn Hole may not work for kids specifically, but if you have an outdoor wedding, it should already be in your plans. It’s an amazing game that keeps people occupied for hours. No matter their intoxication level. 


Meredith Russell

Elegant Whims Summer Intern

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Share Your Wedding Photos Instantly

The digital age has been upon us for a while now. This statement of the obvious coupled with the inevitable picture taking and social media postings of all of your guests can end up being a waste of solid memories.

Trust us, you don’t ever want to lose those precious candid shots of your uncle dancing with your grandma, or your little niece stealing cake from a random plate, or even an unaware you waking up on the big day.

These pictures are the perfect way to supplement any professional photographer’s artistic shots in an album or scrapbook. An easy way to make sure that you get see, and then find again, these snapshots of your day is to create your own hashtag and let your guests know what it is so they can add it to their posts.

Hint: Don’t just announce the hashtag. Have it printed somewhere. Whether on some center pieces or on the bar, just make sure no one forgets it!


Having trouble coming up with a unique hashtag that is perfect for you? Check out this handy dandy hashtag generator! Wedding Wire Hastag

Another great way to create an album that is all your own is to use 

Capstory || Collect Every Moment     Capstory Weddings
CapstoryRead more…

This site allows you to upload your own pictures in real time, just like a hashtag, but this goes a step further. They will touch up your photos, print them, and give you a USB key of the originals. Such a great way to save on time!

Post Written by Meredith Russell

Elegant Whims Summer Intern


Patti & Melinda


Make an Impression with your Wedding Announcments

Today, we would like to welcome our guest blogger, Stacey from  Creative Invites and Events.  Stacey has some great tips on choosing the best way to introduce your Wedding Date to your guest.

Thank you Stacey for being our guest today


What prompted your interest in your profession? I am a designer and love creating new ways of interpreting people’s feelings utilizing graphic design. I great satisfaction in taking someone’s vision and making that come to life by incorporating design elements like color, images, and fonts. Nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing you’ve taken someone’s personality and captured that in a design that makes their face light up when they see what you’ve created specifically for them.

Why Weddings? When I was in college, I worked in a bridal salon selling wedding gowns, and that was my introduction to the bridal business. Helping a woman find the perfect wedding dress was such a satisfying experience. In a way, helping someone find their perfect dress made me a part of their wedding. Weddings are a beautiful, life affirming celebration of love and commitment and who doesn’t want to participate in a celebration of love!

After college, I worked as an interior designer creating business spaces and I realized that I missed being a part of helping people create a vision that expressed their joy of being in love. I left interior design and decided to use my graphic design skills to help couples find the perfect way to invite their family and friends to their celebration of their love and commitment. Being able to help a couple find the perfect way to express their love in a unique and personal way utilizing my design and planning skills is a wonderful feeling! I feel like am in some way helping spread the celebration of love and commitment by doing what I do creating the perfect wedding stationery for a couple.

How do you help clients stay on budget? We offer a variety of printing methods at different price points which allow a couple to create their perfect design while staying within their budget. We also recommend a variety of options to incorporate color into a stationery suite without busting a budget. For example, we can recommend using a metallic envelope rather than a metallic invitation backer to keep costs down. We also advise on different options a couple can utilize to incorporate enclosure cards (RSVP, Accommodations, Directions, etc.) into their suite and still stay on budget. Advising on ways to keep postage costs down is another way we help couples stay within budget.

In your opinion what is the importance of hiring a professional, VS. using a friend or family member? Hiring a professional is a very cost-effective, less stressful way to get the wedding of your dreams without going over budget, causing hurt feelings, and keeping the planning process on schedule. We’ve helped hundreds of couples and that experience allows us to recommend the best ways to bring their vision to life while staying within budget. We take the element of trial and error out of the equation that can happen when using someone who doesn’t have the experience and resources that we’ve cultivated over the years.

Wedding professional also provide a neutral third-party that can guide a couple through the often overwhelming and stressful business of planning a wedding. This allows the couple to avoid hurting a loved one’s feelings when their ideas don’t resonate with the couple’s vision.

What would you like to see become a trend? Utilizing water-color designs. It’s contemporary but still a soft and romantic look. We also love sparkle in the office and enjoy making bling stationery!

Warm Regards,

Stacey and the CIE Ladies
Thank you for joining us today.  We will be back next week with,
“Fun for All Ages at your Outside Wedding”.
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