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Rent your Bridesmaids Dresses

I recently spoke with a young lady that had her Bridesmaids “rent” their dresses.  I thought that was a lovely option for the Bride to offer her Friends and Family members, whom she had asked to be a part of her Wedding Party.    I also thought it would make an interesting Blog.   Meredith did not let us down.   Enjoy her blog on an interesting subject.


Patti & Melinda

Pottinger Photography

Pottinger Photography

“You know what the best part is? You can always shorten it and wear it again!”


Every bridesmaid has heard this line. Scratch that. Every woman has heard that line. 27 Dresses shed light on what it’s like to be a bridesmaid over and over again. The prepping, the helping, handing out place cards, the making sure the bride isn’t freaking out, and most importantly – the terrible god-awful bridesmaid dresses.


You might give yourself to your best friend and pledge your love and life to them on the wedding day. We bridesmaids commit ourselves to a life long relationship with a dress that we will most likely never wear again.


However, in recent years, thanks to 27 Dresses, and in all honesty just better wedding fashion in general, bridesmaid dresses are not all that bad. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, unique, and breathtaking – making the dress choices for bridesmaids better than what your mom had to wear.

Cedar Grove Photography

Cedar Grove Photography

Thanks, fashion world.

Another bridesmaid dress component that brides take into consideration is price. Obviously you don’t want your bridesmaids to have to shell out hundreds of dollars for these dresses. With this in mind, there are several companies that are offering bridesmaid dress rentals. This allows the bride to get designer dresses for a fraction of the cost, the bridal party doesn’t have to hang on to the dress forever, everyone wins!

Bridesmaid Dress rentals:

Rent the Runway (https://www.renttherunway.com): This site offers many options of designer gowns. They are not traditional Bridal Shop type of bridesmaid dresses, but if you are looking for unique designer dresses – this is the way to go. The site offers tons of costumer reviews with pictures, along with clear instructions on ordering and returning.

Average Price Range: $50 – $100.

Vow to be Chic (https://www.vowtobechic.com):

This site offers a fit guarantee with more of the traditional bridesmaid dress selection (same dress, different neckline, same style different color, etc.). These dresses aren’t as red carpet worthy as Rent the Runway, but for the sweet and simple bridal party look – Vow to be Chic has you covered.

Average Price Range: $100

Weddington Way (https://www.weddingtonway.com):

Pinterest meets Dropbox meets Boutique. This site allows a bride to create a group (her wedding party) in which everyone puts in their favorite dresses, and decides on what would look good on everyone, the color, etc. Then send in the measurements, and the dresses are shipped directly to you! Great for bridal parties that don’t all live in the same area, or just to get the idea ball rolling.

Average Price Range: $125 – $150

These were the top rental companies online, but what if renting just isn’t your thing? Some bridesmaids actually like buying their dresses for the sentimental value, and as I’ve said, with the better wedding fashion that’s around, the prospect of wearing the dress again is greater than it used to be. Want to buy the dresses but still don’t want to break the bank? ModCloth and Etsy have many options for that. ModCloth does have more of the short dress variety, but Etsy has just about anything in any style that you want – with many custom made options.

ModCloth Price Range: Anywhere from $20 – $200

Etsy Price Range: Vaires, but many around the $100 mark.

Our wonderful friends at The Knot also compiled a list of bridesmaid dresses under $100 that you can purchase online. (https://www.theknot.com/content/bridesmaid-dresses-under-100)


So what to take from this?

As with every decision for a wedding, the buzzword is: options.    Oh so many options. In the end it depends on the look you want for your wedding party, and the budget of your bridesmaids.

So pick the colors, consult your bridesmaids, and let the narrowing of options begin!


Meredith Russell

Elegant Whims Intern

Make an Impression with your Wedding Announcments

Today, we would like to welcome our guest blogger, Stacey from  Creative Invites and Events.  Stacey has some great tips on choosing the best way to introduce your Wedding Date to your guest.

Thank you Stacey for being our guest today


What prompted your interest in your profession? I am a designer and love creating new ways of interpreting people’s feelings utilizing graphic design. I great satisfaction in taking someone’s vision and making that come to life by incorporating design elements like color, images, and fonts. Nothing can compare to the feeling of knowing you’ve taken someone’s personality and captured that in a design that makes their face light up when they see what you’ve created specifically for them.

Why Weddings? When I was in college, I worked in a bridal salon selling wedding gowns, and that was my introduction to the bridal business. Helping a woman find the perfect wedding dress was such a satisfying experience. In a way, helping someone find their perfect dress made me a part of their wedding. Weddings are a beautiful, life affirming celebration of love and commitment and who doesn’t want to participate in a celebration of love!

After college, I worked as an interior designer creating business spaces and I realized that I missed being a part of helping people create a vision that expressed their joy of being in love. I left interior design and decided to use my graphic design skills to help couples find the perfect way to invite their family and friends to their celebration of their love and commitment. Being able to help a couple find the perfect way to express their love in a unique and personal way utilizing my design and planning skills is a wonderful feeling! I feel like am in some way helping spread the celebration of love and commitment by doing what I do creating the perfect wedding stationery for a couple.

How do you help clients stay on budget? We offer a variety of printing methods at different price points which allow a couple to create their perfect design while staying within their budget. We also recommend a variety of options to incorporate color into a stationery suite without busting a budget. For example, we can recommend using a metallic envelope rather than a metallic invitation backer to keep costs down. We also advise on different options a couple can utilize to incorporate enclosure cards (RSVP, Accommodations, Directions, etc.) into their suite and still stay on budget. Advising on ways to keep postage costs down is another way we help couples stay within budget.

In your opinion what is the importance of hiring a professional, VS. using a friend or family member? Hiring a professional is a very cost-effective, less stressful way to get the wedding of your dreams without going over budget, causing hurt feelings, and keeping the planning process on schedule. We’ve helped hundreds of couples and that experience allows us to recommend the best ways to bring their vision to life while staying within budget. We take the element of trial and error out of the equation that can happen when using someone who doesn’t have the experience and resources that we’ve cultivated over the years.

Wedding professional also provide a neutral third-party that can guide a couple through the often overwhelming and stressful business of planning a wedding. This allows the couple to avoid hurting a loved one’s feelings when their ideas don’t resonate with the couple’s vision.

What would you like to see become a trend? Utilizing water-color designs. It’s contemporary but still a soft and romantic look. We also love sparkle in the office and enjoy making bling stationery!

Warm Regards,

Stacey and the CIE Ladies
Thank you for joining us today.  We will be back next week with,
“Fun for All Ages at your Outside Wedding”.
Patti & Melinda