Your Wedding Planners

Meet Patti,

Patti 2014

A few things about me, I would like to share with you…….*My stomach still flutters when my husband of 34 years, kisses me.
*I still love to dress up………
* I am a list maker and love to organize.
*My family is my joy and best friends.

At 10 years of age, I planned and held my first wedding in my backyard.  I knew then, that was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Helping people attain a day of sheer happiness and bliss puts a smile on my face.  It truly is my honor and pleasure to be a part of that happiness.   The day is all about you, I have found my dream job now allow me to create your dream day.

Meet Melinda,


Just a few facts about me…..* I married the love of my life and best friend 31 years ago
* My family is what brings me the most joy* I am very creative
* I love planning and decorating for parties

My mother and Aunt taught me growing up, that every family get together was a celebration.  As a young adult it was my honor when some of my friends asked me to be their planner for their weddings.  It brought me such joy seeing how happy, and relaxed, they were on their special days.      Now that my children are growing older, one soon to be married, I am embarking on my dream career.  I would be thrilled to help you create your dream wedding.


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